Smart Trip Platform ICO rating
A blockсhain-enabled ecosystem that connects travelers and travel service providers to create unforgettable trips
Smart Trip Platform ICO rating
Listing on exchanges — IDEX
About the project

The Smart Trip Platform (STP) is a decentralized ecosystem that will connect travellers and service providers, combining all the functionality needed for safe, comfortable, and authentic trips - leisure or business. It is a brand-new model of travel - minimizing time spent on research and maximizing the authenticity of the experience.

The Smart Trip Platform will offer:

  • Great prices on travel services.
  • An A to Z trip planning tool
  • A dynamic community of travelers and tourist industry professionals

The Smart Trip Platform will provide a exceptionally wide range of services: from air ticket sales to booking jungle treks, from detailed information on local attractions to finding travel companions.

Who is it for?

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Apart from booking tickets, rooms and cars, the Smart Trip Platform allows travellers to:

  1. Plan entire trips, make bookings, and find travel buddies
  2. Directly contact the best guides and drivers.
  3. Participate in a living and welcoming travelers' community with its own knowledge base and experienced travel gurus!
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Travel Service Providers

Apart from the typically offered efficiency and convenience, the Smart Trip Platform allows service providers to:

  1. Receive a continuous flow of bona fide customers from across the globe.
  2. Use a new channel to reach out to the audience and get feedback.
  3. Conduct your business in a safe economic environment
Global Community of Travelers

The Smart Trip Platform is much more than a trip planning tool - it is a dynamic global ecosystem where travelers can meet, share experience, and build itineraries together.

  • Post reviews, photos & videos
  • Become a travel guru
  • Build a knowledge database
  • Help others & earn rating
  • Share rides & tours
  • Create & edit pages for places & attractions
  • Join chatrooms
  • Find travel companions
  • Ask for travel advice
  • Participate in arbitration
How does TripCash work?
How does TripCash work?

TripCash is the official ERC20-compliant utility token of the Smart Trip Platform and will be used to book travel services on the platform. Users will be able to store both TripCash and a wide range of cryptocurrencies in their individual Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet (UCW), instantly exchanging between them; in the second stage of the project, Debit Cards (TripСash Cards) will be introduced, making it possible to use TripCash to make online and offline purchases.

The Smart Trip Platform is a product that is easy to explain, easy to understand, and easy to market - and so is TripCash.

Up to 5% of the total supply of TripCash tokens will be distributed as bounty rewards 10 days after the participants’ work is handed over and checked
Bounty is to be allocated as follows: Bitcointalk campaign 40%, social media campaign 30%, content creation campaign 20%, translation & localization 10%;
To register for the bounty campaign, an Ethereum address (not an exchange address) is necessary.

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Q2 2017
Inception of the Smart Trip platform project
Q3 2017
Planning of the ICO campaign
Q4 2017 - Q1 2018
Creation of the White Paper and the official website
Q1 2018
Development of Ethereum-based smart contracts
Q2 2018
Pre-sale, work on the demo version of the platform
Q3 - Q4 2018
Main round of the ICO, work on the final version of the platform, development of iOS and Android Smart Trip Platform apps
Q1 - Q2 2019
Testing the Smart Trip Platform, integration of the TripCash token, creation of personal cryptocurrency wallets
Q3 - Q4 2019
Launch of integrated debit cards
The Smart Trip platform becomes fully operational; extensive marketing campaign
Advisory Board
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